Our approach is one of sustainable innovation, driven by a commitment to change the future of fashion. We design for a lifetime, not just a season, using the highest quality materials which have the least impact on our planet. Our conscious values are a leading inspiration behind our decisions and innovations. 

Fibres & Materials

The fibres and materials used within our garments are the foundation of our sustainability initiatives. We are committed to solely sourcing Preferred Fibres and Materials (PFMs) as defined by Textile Exchange - to consistently reduce impacts and to benefit climate, nature and people against the conventional equivalent. 100% of our products are made with either recycled, organic, natural, biodegradable or plant-based PFMs

Our Workshops

We value the workshops and people who make our products. We’ve built strong and committed relationships with our workshop owners and work closely with them to address areas of improvement in the manufacturing process to make them more sustainable. Our workshops are safe, spacious and clean environments that are occupied by people who are experts in their fields to create the best garments possible.